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About Us

Cashmere and Velvet features women's contemporary clothing with a mix of uptown and downtown styles.  C+V makes it easy for you to find the look you want for any occasion. 

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Lets face it, most women are too busy to stay up with fashion trends. We catch what we can quickly by seeing celebs on TV or people passing us by on the street.  While some of our wardrobe is considered trendy and “in style” the rest of it makes us feel good and that’s why we wear it.  We all dream of the day where a personal stylist can bring us our outfits, do our hair and make up and get us ready for the day.  But not only can we not afford it, we simply don’t have the time.

Cashmere and Velvet was created for the multi-tasking, world conquering woman who loves fashion and wants it fast. She knows her body type and fashion style and shops for a purpose. 

C+V is a personalized boutique creating versatile looks suited to your body type, personality and occasion, making your shopping experience quick and easy.  Our members receive a personalized and curated shopping experience with a customized selection of perfectly paired outfits at exclusive prices. Whether your style is classic or trendy, we have the looks that will inspire you. Whether your style is classic or trendy, we have the looks that will inspire you

Put simply, we have a changed the way women shop for fashion.  Where did you wear your latest C+V Look? Visit us on Google+ to share.


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